Gender Studies in Men’s Rights & Feminism

Gender Studies in Men’s Rights & Feminism

— 234 Lessons —


Lesson 1 — Most Feminists Aren’t Fighting for Equality 

Lesson 2 — Six Feminist Myths That Will Not Die

Lesson 3“Where They Burn Books, They Will Also Burn People”

Lesson 4 — Female Rapists Force Male Victims to Pay Child Support

Lesson 5More Than 1 Million American Fathers are Victims of Paternity Fraud

Lesson 6“My Body, My Choice”

Lesson 7Feminists Fabricating Sexual Assault Charges with Ada Initiative

Lesson 8One Gender Gap Has Closed, Only For Another to Open Up

Lesson 9Sexism Against Men in College Degree Programs

Lesson 10“Free Women, Free Men”

Lesson 11Sexual Paranoia Strikes Academe

Lesson 12Safe Space Feminists and Abuse of Title IX

Lesson 13Unscientific Survey Behind Rape Culture Epidemic

Lesson 14How to Become a Sex Offender?

Lesson 15Negative Portrayal of Men and Boys in the Media

Lesson 16“Miss Representation” and “The Mask You Live In”

Lesson 17Misuse of Statistics and Gender Wage Gap in Canada

Lesson 18Misuse of Statistics and Gender Wage Gap in the United States

Lesson 19Yes. Some Women Lie About Rape.

Lesson 20Toxic Feminism on University Campuses in North America

Lesson 21“The Feminist Lie” – It Was Never About Equality

Lesson 22 — Low Standard of Evidence for Sex Assault Allegations on Campuses

Lesson 23Campus Sexual Assault Policy Needs Revisiting

Lesson 24Young American Male: A Chronology of Neglect

Lesson 25Corporate Feminism: Gynocentric Echo Chamber

Lesson 26Feminism Tells Our Sons They’re Worthless

Lesson 27Feminist Lauren McKeon’s Questionable Credibility

Lesson 28Why Women’s Studies Programs Must Be Abolished (Part 1/4)

Lesson 29 — Why Women’s Studies Programs Must Be Abolished (Part 2/4)

Lesson 30Why Women’s Studies Programs Must Be Abolished (Part 3/4)

Lesson 31Why Women’s Studies Programs Must Be Abolished (Part 4/4)

Lesson 32 — Kelly Ellis Promotes Hate

Lesson 33The Red Pill: A Feminist Journey Into the Men’s Rights Movement

Lesson 34What is Male Disposability?

Lesson 35Women Also Sexually Assault Men and Children

Lesson 36Female Paedophilia: 8-16% of Boys Sexually Assaulted, Often by Women

Lesson 37It Appears That Every Woman Had Been Sexually Harassed or Raped

Lesson 38Feminism as a Victim Mentality Disorder

Lesson 39Hurricane Harvey’s Disposable Heroes

Lesson 40Hemispatial Neglect in Feminism

Lesson 41Feminist Prof Elizabeth Sheehy Advocates Murder of Men

Lesson 42Police Handbooks Portray Men as Perpetrators; Women as Victims

Lesson 43Officially No Rape Crisis on Australian Campuses

Lesson 44Emma Sulkowicz’s False Rape Allegation – “Mattress Girl”

Lesson 45Another False Rape Allegation

Lesson 46Feminist Students Can’t Handle the Truth

Lesson 47The Hunting Ground Doc is Propaganda of Epic Proportions

Lesson 48New Sexual Assault Law is Catastrophic Attack on Due Process

Lesson 49Institutionalized Discrimination Against Men and Boys

Lesson 50Feminists Admit There is No Gender Wage Gap

Lesson 51Gender Wage Gap: Women & Men are Paid Almost the Same Amount

Lesson 52Consequences for “Stealthing” Not Equally Applied to Men and Women

Lesson 53Propaganda Used by AAUW to Silence Critics & Mislead Policy Makers

Lesson 54Title IX: Due Process is Still Being Kicked Off Campus

Lesson 55Title IX Reform Will End Hypocritical Feminist Policies

Lesson 56 — Back to School — And To Kangaroo Title IX Courts

Lesson 57 — Guide to Defending Rights of Male Students on Campus

Lesson 58Gender Wage Gap: In Major Cities, Women Are Paid More Than Men

Lesson 59 — Scientists Can’t Replicate Research in Psychology. Pseudoscience?

Lesson 60Misrepresentation by Gender Activist Katherine Hanson

Lesson 61Prof Carol Gilligan’s Discredited Theories

Lesson 62Trump Administration to End Feminist Title IX “Kangaroo Courts”

Lesson 63Feminists Rely on Junk Science and Malice

Lesson 64Persistent Myths in Feminist Scholarship

Lesson 65Professing Feminism: Education & Indoctrination in Women’s Studies

Lesson 66“Athena SWAN” Promotes Women Over Men in STEM

Lesson 67When Social Justice Warriors say they feel threatened, do they really?

Lesson 68“What Price Utopia?” — Essays on Ideological Policing & Feminism

Lesson 69Matriarchy is the Enemy of Women

Lesson 70Believe in Presumption of Innocence, Not Presumption of Guilt

Lesson 71Men and Women are Biologically Different

Lesson 72Science: “Google’s Echo Chamber” is Scientifically Accurate

Lesson 73Feminist Rhetoric is Anti-Male Libel

Lesson 74Examples of Women Sexually Assaulting Boys

Lesson 75Percentage of Female Rapists Comparable to Percentage of Male Rapists

Lesson 76 — Study: Sexual Victimization Perpetrated by Women is Not Rare

Lesson 77Double Standard: Woman Stabs Man, Gets Suspended Sentence.

Lesson 78 — Feminists Concede Wage Discrimination is a Myth

Lesson 79Woman Guilty of Turning Classroom Into Sex Den

Lesson 80Education Promotes Liberal Bias, Not Critical Thinking

Lesson 81Women Earn 98% As Much As Men

Lesson 82Gender Pay Gap is (Almost) Non Existent

Lesson 83Hypergamy: She Does Not Care About You

Lesson 84Men of All Ages Desire 20-something Women

Lesson 85 — Redefining Rape: The Myth of Sexual Violence Spectrum

Lesson 86Are Women Really Victims? Four Women Weigh In

Lesson 87Woman Arrested for Child Porn & Child Sexual Abuse

Lesson 88 — Feminists Label Everything “Rape”, Pitch Men Against Women

Lesson 89Obsession with Imaginary Rape Culture

Lesson 90Sentencing Inequality: Woman Kills Baby, Walks Free

Lesson 91Get an Abortion and Empower Yourself

Lesson 92Cancer of Conformity Killing Academic Freedom

Lesson 93International Men’s Day, NOVEMBER 19

Lesson 94New Definition of Rape Open to Abuse

Lesson 95 — Feminist Emily Lindin Ok With Destroying Innocent Men’s Lives

Lesson 96Teach Your Daughters Not To Be Paranoid

Lesson 97Woman Seduces Child with Cannabis, Then Rapes the Child

Lesson 98Women Overvalue Themselves

Lesson 99Entrance Tests Lowered for Women to Satisfy Gender Quotas

Lesson 100Stop Indoctrinating Boys in Feminist Ideology

Lesson 101Feminism: mean, vindictive, sociopathic, man-hating movement

Lesson 102 — Don’t Believe All Women: They’re Often Victims, but Not Angels

Lesson 101  Why These Women Oppose Feminism? Here is why.

Lesson 104Victim Feminism Sees No Distinction Between Regretted Sex & Rape

Lesson 105Facts: 13 Reasons Why Women Lie About Rape

Lesson 106Feminist Woman Who Raped Child Arrested

Lesson 107Rape Culture Does Not Exist

Lesson 108Challenges for Displaced Men & Boys in Refugee Contexts

Lesson 109False Rape Accusations are Common

Lesson 110Texas Teen’s Gang Rape Story was a Hoax

Lesson 111Rape Hoax: Man Cleared in False Rape Accusation Trial

Lesson 112Option Trader Cleared in False Rape Accusation Case

Lesson 113Feminist Women Living Miserable Lives of Solitude

Lesson 114Apology for Rape Hoax Legal Blunder Not Enough

Lesson 115Woman Raped 14 Year Old Boy on School Property

Lesson 116The Current Climate of Feminist Paranoia is an Alarming One

Lesson 117Rape Accuser: “It Wasn’t Against My Will”

Lesson 118Feminist Hypocrisy: 300 Girls’ Lives Worth More Than 10,000 Boys’

Lesson 119Courageous Women Denounce #MeToo Feminist Paranoia Campaign

Lesson 120Grotesque Feminist “Rape Lynch Mob Culture”

Lesson 121Public Registry for False Rape Accusers

Lesson 122 — Misandry — Word of the Year 2017

Lesson 123Sue False Rape Accusers for Defamation & Malicious Prosecution

Lesson 124Desire to Drive Up Rape Convictions Has Eroded Defendant’s Rights

Lesson 125Matt Damon is Right About Feminist Rape Paranoia

Lesson 126Keep Feminist Ideology Out of Classrooms

Lesson 127“I Made It All Up,” Woman Jailed for False Rape Accusation

Lesson 128Another Woman Arrested for Raping a Young Boy

Lesson 129Men Victims of Domestic Violence Perpetrated by Women

Lesson 130Why Women’s Studies Must Die (FULL TRANSCRIPT)

Lesson 131Why are Men Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood & American Dream

Lesson 132  — Rape Accusers are Not Victims, but Complainants

Lesson 133Unconscious Bias: Police Must Stop Believing All Rape Accusers

Lesson 134Victim Culture Fosters Contempt for Defendants

Lesson 135Don’t Automatically Believe Rape Accusers, Police Chief Tells Forces

Lesson 136Woman Arrested After Repeatedly Raping Teen Boy

Lesson 137Woman Arrested for Child Sexual Assault

Lesson 138Feminist Mind is Ridden with Incoherence

Lesson 139Third False Rape Case Collapses in the Same Week

Lesson 140Man Exonerated After False Rape Conviction

Lesson 141Woman Kills Fiancé, Walks Free 6 Weeks After Sentencing

Lesson 142Equal Occupational Fatality Day

Lesson 143New Marriage Law: Ladies Can’t Acquire Men’s Property Anymore

Lesson 144#MeToo Has Nothing to Do with Stopping Rape and Sexual Violence

Lesson 145Woman Who Raped 13 year old Boy Sentenced

Lesson 146“UN Women” In Bed with Radical Feminists

Lesson 147Why Feminism is Garbage?

Lesson 148Woman Heads to Prison After Falsely Accusing 15 Men of Rape

Lesson 149Report: Innocent Men Charged with Rape to Boost Rape Convictions

Lesson 150Gender Wage Gap: Inequity for Men at Wilfrid Laurier University

Lesson 151#MeToo— Justice of Lynch Mob?

Lesson 152Verifiable Facts About Male Privilege in Canada

Lesson 153Feminist Teachers Negatively Affect Boys’ Education

Lesson 154Woman (41) Jailed for Raping a Boy: In Some States Women Walk Free

Lesson 155The Understudied Female Sexual Predator

Lesson 156Violation of Men’s Rights in Family Law

Lesson 157#MeToo Lumps Natural Dynamics With Actual Harassment

Lesson 158Don’t dictate political views just because we share same body parts

Lesson 159Medical Treatment for Feminists Affected by Androphobia

Lesson 160 — Types & Aspects of Toxic Femininity

Lesson 16110 Characteristics of Toxic Femininity

Lesson 162Woman Sued for Discriminating Men

Lesson 163Another Man Cleared in False Rape Epidemic

Lesson 164Feminist Paranoia Undermines Due Process

Lesson 165Western Society Obsessed with Women to the Point of Mass Neurosis

Lesson 166Pedophilia vs. Hebephilia vs. Ephebophlia

Lesson 167Suicide: Pro-Feminist Courts Killing Men

Lesson 168Woman Rapes 13 Year Old Boy, Doesn’t Get Charged with Rape

Lesson 169Woman Rapes Boy & Gets Properly Charged with Statutory Rape

Lesson 170Extremist Liberal Professors, You’re Not Welcome

Lesson 171 — Feminism is Incompatible with Science

Lesson 172Women Want Money, Men Want Youth

Lesson 173She Admitted She Lied About Sex Assault 62 Years Later

Lesson 174Woman Sexually Assaults a Man AND THEN Claims it was Consensual

Lesson 175Addressing Sexual Violence Against Men & Boys

Lesson 176College Woman (21) Charged with False Rape Accusations

Lesson 177Feminist Emily McCombs Calls for Murder of All Men

Lesson 178False Rape Accusations Culture Puts Innocent Men in Prison

Lesson 179 — Racist Pseudo-Concept: White Privilege

Lesson 180 — Advice for Men: Don’t Get Married!

Lesson 181 Gender Gap: Boys Neglected in Today’s Feminized Schools

Lesson 182 Study: Boys Worse at School Due to Gender Stereotypes

Lesson 183 — Reason Why Women Don’t End Up as Registered Sex Offenders

Lesson 184 — Boy-friendly Classrooms Needed

Lesson 185 — False Rape Accuser Barred from Seeing Daughter

Lesson 186 — #iDontBelieve Should Trend for 2018

Lesson 187 — Women Don’t Lie About Rape? Yes, They Do.

Lesson 188 — Woman Arrested for Sexually Assaulting 15 Year Old Boy

Lesson 189 — Feminism: Claiming Advantage by Identifying as a Victim

Lesson 190 — Gender Studies are Full of Anti-Male Bias [LAWSUIT]

Lesson 191 — Dad Wrongfully Jailed on False Child Rape Accusation

Lesson 192 — The Gender Empathy Gap

Lesson 193 — White Boys Left Behind Because of Focus on Minorities & Women

Lesson 194 — Attraction to Pubescent Teens Not A Mental Disorder [APA]

Lesson 195 — Campus Rape Finding Overturned After Officials Call Accused Mo…

Lesson 196 — Male Genital Mutilation OK, But Female Genital Mutilation Wrong

Lesson 197 — Legal Hypocrisy: Woman Rapes Boy, No Prison Time

Lesson 1985 Reasons No Man Should EVER Marry

Lesson 199 — Women Will Soon Become Obsolete, The Future Belongs to Men

Lesson 200  — The Uncomfortable Truth About Women in the Military

Lesson 201 —  Mass Accusations of Male Abuse is an Act of Abuse Themselves

Lesson 202 —  Male Privilege: Silent Epidemic of Male Suicide in Canada

Lesson 203 — Legal Hypocrisy: Women Allowed to Rape Underage Boys in Canada

Lesson 204 — Oberlin College Sued for 100% ‘Sex Assault’ Conviction Rate

Lesson 205  — Militant Feminism Targets Conservative Students

Lesson 206 — Leftist Extremism: #MeToo is Going Too Far

Lesson 207 — Reason Why Men Are Attracted to Teen Girls

Lesson 208 — An Uncomfortable Truth: Teen Girls Sexually Crave Older Men

Lesson 209 — Liberalism is Politically Correct Speech Control

Lesson 210 — Woman (30) Started Raping Boy When He Was 15

Lesson 211 — 100 French Celebrities Denounce Feminist Witch Hunt

Lesson 212 — Hebephilia is Normal Sexual Preference

Lesson 213  Feminazis: Extreme Feminists

Lesson 214  The Myth of Toxic Masculinity

Lesson 215  Why I’m Against Feminisation of Men

Lesson 216  There is No Such Thing As Rape Culture

Lesson 217 — Stand By Your Manhood: A Game-Changer for Modern Men

Lesson 218  Men Should Have Right to Abortion, Too

Lesson 218  Gynocentric Justice: Execution Without Trial

Lesson 219  Misandry at Google, Toxic Working Conditions

Lesson 220  Google to Face Fire and Fury for Toxic Misandry

Lesson 221  Proof Women Can’t Compete with Men

Lesson 222 — Men, Don’t Pick Up The Tab on a First Date

Lesson 223 — Thought Policing Does Not Make Us Safer

Lesson 224  Gender Tax Gap: Only Men Pay Taxes

Lesson 225  How Can Men Protect Their Assets from Women?

Lesson 226  Liberal Gynocentric Laws, Catastrophic Attack on Due Process

Lesson 227  Rule of Law is Incompatible with Punishment Before Trial

Lesson 228  Men’s Rights Movement Started in 1856, Not 1970s

Lesson 229 — Feminist Edit-A-Thon Ruins Wikipedia

Lesson 230 — Flawed Methodology of Gender Pay Gap

Lesson 231 — What I Learned in My Women’s Studies Classes

Lesson 232 5 Men Exonerated in False Rape Accusations Pedo Trial

Lesson 233 — Report: “Believe the Victim” Mentality Undermines Justice

Lesson 234 — ADVICE FOR MEN: When Police Knock on Your Door, YOU DON’T HAVE TO TALK TO THEM (Example: False Accusations)


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