“Misandry, the hatred of men, is so rarely discussed or investigated that most people don’t know what the word means… men’s rights activists [are] the only rights activists who get no respect in today’s world.” — Dr Helen Smith

“SMASH🔨GYNOCENTRISM” is a collection of more than 200 thought-provoking essays, research studies and lessons examining men’s rights & feminist movements with the primary focus on toxic femininity, misandry and androphobia. We utilize egalitarian school of thought and prioritize equality —  not only for women & girls, but also for men & boys.  We do this by employing three most effective intellectual weapons: Logical Reasoning, Verifiable Factual Truth and Critical Thinking.

“The focus is always on the hardships and sufferings of the girls and women to the exclusion of equal and often far greater hardships of boys and men.” — Prof Janice Fiamengo


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